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Night of Miracles


It is almost impossible to envision how a thirty minute children's program could develop into a thirteen scene, life size illuminated walk through pageant. Yet, that is what happened. The pageant depicts the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Christ. Sixty thousand lights illuminate the scenes and grounds. Four years ago it all began to help children better understand the Christmas account of the birth of Christ as presented in the Bible.

Each year something new was added. Cardboard props were changed into life size figures. Scenes were enlarged and extended. Artists labored long and hard to paint the scenes. Underground wiring and floodlights were installed. animated animals were added. the angelic host was painted. Each year more lights were added!

New clean safe walkways now guide through the woods. People come from near and far to see the pageant. Local community and tourist from everywhere, including foreign lands have been blessed by this family oriented presentation.